Twintop's Insanity Bar

129,318 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 18, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

Tracks your current Insanity level, time remaining in Voidform, expected stacks at the end of your current Voidform, and more! This addon is based on the WeakAura of the same name by me (Twintop) from Legion.


This is a fully customizable bar for Shadow Priests to use to track their current and future levels of Insanity while in combat. Features include:

  • Full color customization of every part of the bar to make it suit your UI or make certain situations stand out.
  • Calculates how long you have left until Voidform will end, given the current Insanity level.
  • Shows how many stacks of Voidform you can expect to get before falling out, given the current Insanity level.
  • Tracks Shadowy Apparition spawns (with Auspicious Spirits talented) and incoming Insanity as a result.
  • Tracks Mindbender swings and expected incoming Insanity from future swings.
  • Audio and visual cues for Mindbender, haste levels, and when Void Eruption can be cast.
  • Bar text can be configured to show the following data in whatever format you'd like:
    • Current Insanity, Insanity from Hardcasting a Spell, Insanity from Passive Sources (Auspicious Spirits, Mindbender)
    • Current Voidform Stack Count, Incoming Voidform Stacks, Current Voidform Drain Stacks Count
    • Insanity drain per second, Time until Voidform will end (given the current Insanity and Drain)
    • Lingering Insanity Stacks, Lingering Insanity Time Remaining
    • Auspicious Spirits in flight, Insanity from Auspicious Spirits
    • Mindbender swings, gcds, and time remaining, and, Insanity incoming
    • Current Haste%, GCD
    • Number of Shadow Word: Pains and Vampiric Touches out on targets
    • Time To Die of enemies you've targeted
    • Spell icons for your current casting spell and many others that are related to Insanity or tracking.


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