TradeFill is an addon designed to simplify item trading between players. Once set up according to your preferences, it will autofill the trade window with your selected items. TradeFill can also split item stacks according to your preferences and restack them back to their original location, ensuring that your inventory remains organized exactly how you like it. Now, with the Autofill limit feature, you can prevent it from unnecessarily filling up the trade window when you have traded with this player before. Additionally, this addon includes a Tradelog feature to track exchanged gold, items, and enchantments that have been applied.



  • Show only full stacks - Hide stacks that are not full in dropdown menu
  • Trade only full stacks - Fill the tradewindow only with full stacks. (Or first available stack will be selected)
  • Buttons - Hide buttons from tradewindow
  • Message - Hide chat messages
  • Minimap - Hide minimap button

Click to enable/disable autofill

Right click to open/close the options menu

  • Autofill - Place items automatically in tradewindow when the right conditions are made



  • Refresh limit - Reset the stored player names for the Autofill limit upon each login

First condition (Assign conditions when you want to autofill the tradewindow)

  • Strangers - Autofill tradewindow with anyone when your not in a group
  • Party members - Autofill tradewindow with party members
  • Raid members - Autofill tradewindow with raid members

Second condition (Player also has to meet those conditions)

  • Guild members - Only with guild members
  • Required level - Only when the player has the required item level
  • Level cap - Only when the player is level cap
  • Master looter - Except when you the loot master
  • Lockbox - Only when you're trading with a Rogue



  • Player names - Don't fill tradewindow with those players
  • Guild names - Don't fill tradewindow with players from these guilds



  • Stores info of each trade



  • /tradefill (Opens interface panel)
  • /tradefillon (AutoFill tradewindow)
  • /tradefilloff (Don't AutoFill tradewindow)


Open interface panel

  • Minimap button, (Right click)
  • /tradefill
  • Esc > Options > AddOns > TradeFill



  • Every character has its own profile settings.



  • enUS - English (United States)


Of course, I'm open to feedback and suggestions. You can reach out to me here on Curseforge, or ingame

  • <Mafkees - Pyrewood Village> (Classic Era) EU