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ToyPlus is a compact launcher that provides quick access to your favourite toys.


  • Access your toys from Databroker addons or the minimap icon tooltip.
  • Access your toys from action bars of buttons.
  • Customize the bars supporting up to 10x10 rows & columns.
  • Scale the bars to a smaller or larger size.
  • Hide the top menu buttons for a compact action bar look.
  • Search for specific toys to add or remove from favourites.


  • Access the main window via the minimap icon button or /toyplus.
  • Access the options via interface options, right-click the minimap icon, or right-click the main window.
  • The options has settings for number of rows and columns, scaling, and hiding of top buttons.
  • You can edit your favourites by clicking the arrow beside Toy List and ticking/unticking the toys.
  • You can type into the search box in the toy list to filter toys that include that text.