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TotemTimers in Legion

It the next few days I will upload a beta of TT for legion. This beta will have a lot of features removed, all those that still make sense will be added back in after.

  • Totem buttons and totem flyout menus as well as totem set functionality on the ankh timer removed. Totems do not belong to schools any more, all totems can be up at the same time. And totems have a cooldown of at least 30 secs and only a short duration, so there is not that much emphasis on tracking if they are active as before but much more on their cooldowns. Totems will be shown like the rest of the spells.
  • There are no special button bars with specific spells any more. TT has 5 button bars and any spell can be placed on any bar by dragging them from the spellbook.
  • Keybinds removed, will be added back later.
  • Probably forgot a lot of things that are missing now and have to be added back in. Feel free to tell me which ones once TT beta is up.


TotemTimers aims to help managing totems, shields, and weapon buffs, showing additional info about active totems (range, cooldowns) and provides additional totem sets. For enhancement shamans (and soon for ele/resto also) it provides additional timers displaying the cooldown of the most important spells and the number of Maelstrom Weapon stacks. TT supports ButtonFacade and rActionButtonStyler for customizing its appearance.


A big thanks to all who kept the localization of TT up-to-date. To make that easier I switched to the localization system at CurseForge. There you can find and edit missing entries more easily and you don't have to upload files anymore.



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