Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013 Game Version: 3.1.0


Sep 23, 2008

Owner: Usz

TooltipExchange is a full item info database addon with advanced search capabilities.

It differs from LootLink and ItemSync mainly in that it has a built-in communication module to allow searching other people's item databases as well as your own. TooltipExchange also features Memos, user created item lists that can be used as wish lists, boss drop lists, etc. and can be set to Public to allow your Memos to be browsed by other TooltipExchange users. Items which are found on remote clients are transfered over communication channel and their tooltips are reconstructed locally, allowing browsing of never seen before items.


  • Searches are performed globally on current communication channel.
  • Searching by: item name, rarity, equip location, stat (like crit%, AP, resistance etc).
  • Finding items similar to given item.
  • Memo lists (user defined custom item lists).
  • Remote Memo lists (browsable by other users).
  • Detailed database statistics.
  • Customizable item rarity filer for storing items.
  • Local item cache mining and database updating options.
  • Item scanner module with toggable sources.
  • Supports Guild addon communication channel or custom channel.
  • Version check for set communication channel.
  • Options to disable scanner/communication while in combat.
  • Chat box link auto completion on TAB key or specific link on "]"


  • Item database is empty by default. To populate it with items from your client's local cache use "Database -> Mine Cache" option.
  • This addon is not designed for low memory usage. As all searches are sent to every client using it, its main optimizations are for fast searching. Also, storing the complete text of item tooltips requires significant, but static, memory consumption.
  • Recipes aren't stored in database, yet the ones in local item cache are now fully browsable.
  • Item set details such as the names of items in the set, and set bonuses, are not stored in the database.


I would like to thank all authors of numerous Ace2 based addons for their hard work and ideas, that allowed me to code TooltipExchange the way it is done.

BigWigs by Tekkub, Ammo, Shyva, Rabbit and others

  • Modular core design ideas
  • FuBar plugin Options.lua code
  • Tablet support code for Version Query and Statistics

Detox by Maia

  • Dynamic options menu idea

oRA2 by haste, Ammo and others

  • Clear coded, easy to understand Ace2 usage

IRC #wowace users

  • Online support


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