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TinyMeleeStats is a tiny mod which displays your current melee stats (attack power, crit chance, main- and offhand weapon speed).


But you can also use TinyXStats, it combines TinyMeleeStats, TinyCasterStats, TinyHunterStats and supports defense stats.


- Grab and drag around your screen to preferred position (frame can be freeze)
- Choose up to four different stats (AP, Crit, WeaponSpeed, Multistrike.)
- To configure TMS type "/tms" or go Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> TinyMeleeStats
- If you can't see TMS click "Reset frame".


Pleas help me to translate this addon! You can do this at this page: Localization at curseforge.com
I'm trying to test all functions! If there is a bug pleas report this bug to me per EMail (TheVaan[at]gmail[dot]com), leave a comment or write a ticket :)

LDB support

LDB support is added in TMS v1.0.7!
Feel free to release a Panel-Addon!
You can hide the Text Frame to show Stats only in Broker text field.

Updates / Change log

v2.3-beta: Removed Multistrike.

Older versions:

v2.2.0-beta: Updated TOC; Fixed bugs; Added Multistrike; Removed hidden debug mode; Fixed localization bug; Removed nolib packaging.
v2.1.0: Clear Code.
v2.0.0: Ready for MoP.
v1.5.4: Add Option to hide Textfield
v1.5.0: fixed Hit stat, Reords specific for Spec
v1.3.4: tried to fix SetFont()-Lua error; small bugfixes
v1.3.2: removed Armor Penetration
v1.3.1: updated toc-version for WoW 4.0
v1.3.0: same like v1.3.0beta; Flaged as Cataclysm compatinble
v1.3.0beta: Added experimental optional sound alert for records (more sounds will follow)
v1.2.0: Add options to customize the color
v1.1.1: Add an option for vertical alignment of stats; records are now either all on or all off; added an option to enable labels for the stats
v1.1.0: added Armor Penetration
v1.0.9: several changes of localization; changed author information; fixed weapon speed bug error message
v1.0.8: Fixed number comparison. Bumped ToC file
v1.0.7: LDB support added!
v1.06b: wrong version infos in ToC-File
v1.06: Changed ToC-File for patch 3.2.0
v1.0.5: added Spanish and Mexican localization
v1.0.4: added Russian localization
v1.0.3: fixed bug in the localization files
v1.0.2: fixed bug, that fastest mainhand speed was set to "0" on disarming; modified configmenu
v1.0.1: fixed localization problem for ruRU
v1.0.0: deleted scroll function - player can choose in configure menu in which stats he is interested in (ap, crit, hit, weapon speed, max ap, max crit, max hit, fastest weapon speed); modified config-ui
v0.9.1: integrate Ace-Libs; added a Config-UI; added some functions (change font, font effect, font size)

Older Non-Ace-Versions:
v0.2.7: added slash command /tms reset
v0.2.6: fixed: frame moved automatically on reload ui; added untranslated localization files
v0.2.5: fixed: error on move frame if it is locked; added English localization
v0.2.4: renew the way of moving the frame; added a slash command (/tms vis [percents])
v0.2.3: text frame changes visibility to 30% if character is out of combat
v0.2.2: text frame not longer in foreground - stable version (recommend to use this version!)
v0.2.1 beta: Bug: error when no off hand is equiped - fixed
v0.2.0 beta: Fix text with slash commands
v0.1.1: Bug: TMS is not displayed on joining game - fixed!
v0.1.0: Initial release


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