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O, hai! 


Need a way to display the lists your guildies make on TMB in-game? 

Well look no further! This little slapped together monstrosity will do that just fine. 

It hooks into the mouseover tooltips and injects the data stored locally from imports.


Use the export "Loot Received, Wishlists, Prios, and Notes" option inside That's My BIS website.

Click the "show csv" button. Copy all the text and paste it into the black box on the config panel. 

Hit Parse and the addon should display on any items you have data. 


Check out the images section on curse to see examples. 


There are a limited command set as well:

/tmb - Open the config window
/tmb minimap - Toggle minimap button visibility
/tmb toggle - Toggle addon functionality
/tmb <anything else> - Prints this lists in chat


This is my first ever addon so there might be some bugs here and there. shoot me a message on discord if you have any issues.
Or join the TMB official discord.

Happy raiding!