Socialite (Titan Social)

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Formerly Titan Social. An LDB addon to display information about your guild members, Battle.net friends, and character friends.



Socialite is an LDB plugin that combines all of your social interactions into one convenient tooltip! The end goal is to have a fully customizable and stylish display both on the Titan bar, and the plugin tool tip, while maintaining a low resource overhead and consolidation of social features. Socialite will allow you to see at a glance who is online, and streamline your communications process in-game.



You can customize which social section(s) you would like to be displayed through Socialute by right-clicking on the data text and checking/unchecking each option. The Battle.net, Friends, and Guild components work independently of each other, if you do not want to see/display them.


Additional features:

  • - Alt + left-click to invite a character to your party or raid (If they are of the same faction)
  • - Type `/socialite` to open the configuration panel from anywhere
  • - Includes a minimap icon for use without an LDB display addon (such as Titan Panel or Chocolate Bar)




You can customize which social functions you would like to see on the plugin text and tooltip through the plugin configuration. These settings are saved per-character. The icon and label text can be disabled through your LDB display addon. Socialite is currently localized for enUS, and frFR. Partially localized for deDE. Currently looking for translators for esES, ruRU, and deDE.



I'm always looking for feedback, please comment or report issues here, or (preferred) submit a ticket on this projects GitHub page.