Titan Panel [Reagent Tracker]

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Titan Panel Classic Reagent Tracker

This initially started as a retrofit / continuation of the original WoW Titan Panel Reagent Tracker addon by L'ombra, maintained so that it functions for WoW Classic / TBC / etc.

Over time features have been added and the code base changed enough that it may no longer merge well with the Retail version.



Show Amount of Spell Reagents

  • Customisable selection of Spell Reagents to show in Titan Panel
  • Filtered to Spell Reagents by Class


Automatic Purchasing of Spell Reagents

  • Automatically tops up Spell Reagents to a selectable (in units of stacks) amount
  • Choose which Spell Reagents to automatically buy at vendor


Recent Changes:

Updated for WotLK Classic


Known Issues:

Please lodge any issues via the Issues page.