Titan Panel [Farm Friend]

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Titan Panel [Farm Friend]

A World of Warcraft AddOn that extends the famous Titan Panel with the functionality to Track up to nine Farmed Items in the Titan Panel Bar.

A notification will appear if the defined goal quantity for an item has reached.




Alt + Right click on an Item in your Bags or Bank to start tracking.
You can also enter the name of the desired Item in the AddOn settings.




  • Track up to four farmed Items in the Titan Panel Bar
  • Track inventory or inventory and bank quantity
  • Show item icon in the Titan Panel Bar
  • Define an optional quantity for the farmed item
  • Shows a notification if the item quantity has reached
  • Select an optional sound for the notification
  • Customize notification effects
  • Show colored item count and quantity
  • Localized (English and German)
  • Define an shortcut for fast tracking (Default: ALT + right click)
  • Toggle item display modes



Chat Commands

  • /ff track <Item Slot 1 - 12> <Item ID | Item Name | Item Link> - Sets the tracked item
  • /ff quantity <Item Slot 1 - 12> <Quantity> - Sets the goal quantity.
  • /ff primary <Item Slot 1 - 12> - Sets the items position that would be shown in the Titan Panel bar.
  • /ff settings - Open up the AddOn settings page.
  • /ff reset <all | items> - Resets Farm Friend to it's default settings.
  • /ff version - Show the current used Farm Friend Version.
  • /ff help - Shows the available chat commands.



Original author "Keldor"

I took over the addon when the original author "Keldor" stopped updating his addon.
I have made small changes, e.g. instead of 4 items, 12 items can be displayed here.
If "Keldor" has a problem with that, he can always tell me.