Titan Panel [Artifact Power]

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Oct 29, 2016

Owner: ram1res

UPD31.03.2017: Thanks to @chullah addon is now compatible with 7.2! Update to v.1.7.0



This is a small plugin for one of my favourite addons - Titan Panel, showing your Artifact information, such as:
- Current Artifact Power
- Artifact Power needed for next Rank
- Available Artifact points that you can spend
- Artifact Rank
- Total XP accumulated

- Hidden artifact skins progress

Also features:
-Click to open Artifact window
-Shift+Click function to link your Artifact info to chat.

NOTE: This is not standalone addon - it requires [Titan Panel](https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/titan-panel) addon to be installed.


NOTE2: After installation you need to turn it on by right-clicking Titan Panel and choosing Information->Artifact Power

Please leave your feedback and help me improve this addon for you.

[Done] -Add AP percentage indicator
[Done] -Add "Hide Icon" option
[Done] -Add Artifact knowledge level & multiplier to tooltip (populated only after Artifact UI has been opened)
[Done] -Add Artifact Research Notes info to tooltip (English client only for now :( )

-Add support for inactive artifact info
-Add localization support
-Maybe add graphical bar
-Add relic's ilvls and abilities to tooltip

You can support this project ^_^

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