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ThreatClassic2 is a threat meter for WoW Classic that provides reasonably accurate estimates of a monster's threat table based on LibThreatClassic2. It is compatible with all other AddOns providing threat data through LibThreatClassic2 and created as the successor of the abandoned ClassicThreatMeter.


Q: Is this addon compatible with Details Tiny threat?
Yes! In fact any addon that uses LibThreatClassic2 (the library behind this addon) is compatible. You can make sure to always have the latest version of the threat library by installing this addon and hiding it, while still using another addon for display without any negative impact. ThreatClassic2 makes sure that the latest version of LibThreatClassic2 is loaded.

Q: Why use ThreatClassic2 instead of ClassicThreatMeter?
The author of ClassicThreatMeter left the addon with a lot of bugs, like spamming "You are not in a raid" in Alterac Valley and 25% bonus aggro for Warrior Defiance talent instead of 15%. ThreatClassic2 bundles LibThreatClassic2, which comes with a ton of bug fixes and provides new boss modules for handling Onyxia and Ragnaros threat mechanics.

Q: Why am I not seeing other players in ThreatClassic2?
A: Other players must have ThreatClassic2 or a compatible AddOn with LibThreatClassic2 enabled in order to track their threat similar to how KLH Threat Meter/Omen required compatible AddOns communicating threat to one another in Vanilla/TBC.

Q: Why isn't ThreatClassic2 using the built-in threat API?
A: It's unfortunately not possible. Bizzard added the threat API in patch 3.0.2 for WotLK and has been in the game since, but it has been purposely removed for WoW Classic, which means we must rely on combat log parsing.

Q: How does ThreatClassic2 handle multiple targets?
A: The combat log in WoW Classic is fortunately much more detailed than that which was available in the game originally before patch 2.4. This allows us to track NPCs by GUID (global unique identifier), and there should be no issues with mobs having the same name and threat becoming muddled between them. It is also designed in such a way that effects that are meant to add divided threat between active targets, such as heals and buffs, are able to do so.

Q: Why are there so few options to customize the threat window?
A: ThreatClassic2 is based on ClassicThreatMerer. More features and customization options will come over time. So far I added an always hide option, so players can install the addon to share their Threat data in the background.

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