ThreatClassic2 is a threat meter for WoW Classic & TBC Classic using the built in Blizzard API.


Q: Why use ThreatClassic2 instead of ClassicThreatMeter?
ClassicThreatMeter is outdated and should no longer be used.

Q: Why am I not seeing other players in the beginning of combat?
You can not see a monster's threat data before you are on the monster's threat table (i.e. did damage or healed someone). This is a restriction of the Blizzard API and cannot be changed.

Q: Is this addon under active development and will get more features?
Yes! I do accept feature requests here and will add new features to the addon. Feel free to open an issue or +1 an existing feature request, so I can see the most sought after features!

Bug Reports / Feature Requests / Localization
Please submit any bug reports or feature requests
If you want to contribute to the locailization of your language, please open a pull request with the changes to the respective file in the locale directory.

If you want to show your appreciation please add a star on Github :)