Thogar Helper - Raid Warnings!

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2015 Game Version: 6.0.3


Feb 3, 2015

Owner: xLevante

ThogarHelper is a lightweight addon that helps your raid overcome the biggest challenge in the Operator Thogar encounter in Blackrock Foundry - avoiding the trains!

First Thing's First - What Can It Do?

  • Announce in raid warnings where trains are coming from and where to stand
  • Use the handy heads up display to visually see which lines are safe and which are not
  • Play a sound if you're on a line that a train is arriving on

Using the Announcer:

  • Open the options pane with "/trains", "/thogar" or "/tht"
  • Select what world marker you're using for each train line and how you want to announce where to stand

Using the HUD:

ThogarHelper also has a handy heads up display you can use to visually see which lines are safe and which are not. There are four bars representing each train line, each of which is filled with a specific colour:

  • Green - If a line is green then you are safe to move there
  • Orange - If a line is orange, it means a train will be arriving shortly and you should move soon
  • Red - If a line is red, it means a train is imminent and you're about to get splattered if you stand there

There's also a lovely little blip to show your current position!

You can move and resize the HUD too:

  • Type "/trains unlock" to unlock the HUD
  • Move by dragging with the left mouse button
  • Resize by dragging with the right mouse button
  • Type "/trains lock" to lock HUD and save size and position

Testing the Addon:

For the addon to work you must actually be in a fight with Operator Thogar, however you can test it out by typing "/trains test"! This will begin announcements and display the HUD for LFR/Normal/Heroic difficulty, however the blip to show your location will not appear on the HUD. Maths problems and stuff - you'll just have to take my word for it - the blip is working as intended :)

Sounds great! What are the commands?

  • /trains - Open the options panel
  • /trains hud - Toggles the train line heads up display on or off while in combat
  • /trains unlock - Unlocks the HUD so it can be moved and resized
  • /trains lock - Locks the HUD so it cannot be moved or resized, and saves the current size and position
  • /trains test - Begins a test run of the addon for Heroic difficulty
  • /trains stoptest - Stops the test run of the addon

Bugs? What bugs!?

I did the best I could to try and make this work universally, but sometimes things can still go wrong. If you do happen to find a bug, please let me know and I will try my very best to fix it :)


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