Therapy Weekly Rewards

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Therapy Weekly Rewards

Version 1.45

Therapy Weekly Rewards is a data broker that lets you track your weekly progress towards Great Vault rewards and Catalyst charges. You can use it with any sort of Data Broker display (Titan Panel, Chocolate Bar, ElvUI, &c) or by using a customizable minimap icon.

Here's how it looks as an ElvUI DataText:


You can configure a few options using ElvUI Options (/ec). Head to the "Data Texts" section, and go into "Customization". Look for LDB: Weekly Rewards and tick the boxes next to "Show Label" and "Use Value Color".

Here's how it looks running in Titan Panel:

Titan Panel

Finally, here's now it looks using the built in minimap icon:


Clicking on the display will open your Great Vault for viewing.

Please let me know if you have any problems setting it up or running it by reporting an issue. Thanks!