Automating repairs, sells gray quality items for you (while optionally keeping eligible transmog items), and expansion specific quality of life improvements.



  • Supports multiple character profiles
  • Temporarily disable TGR by holding the "Shift" key while interacting with a merchant
  • Utilizes the addon compartment menu (introduced in 10.1), one less addon on your minimap

Auto Repair

  • Automatically repair using personal funds or guild repairs (if available, guild repairs enabled by default)

Auto Sell

  • Automatically sell gray items to help keep your bags clean
  • Optionally keep gray items which are eligible for transmog (enabled by default)
  • Enable or disable verbose output showing which items were automatically sold (enabled by default)

TheGrimRepair Utilities

  • Note: Under active development and likely to change, feel free to request features
  • Quality of life improvements for expansion specific features and content (such as combining items in your bag for you)

Slash Commands

  • /tgr, /thegrimrepair: Opens TheGrimRepair options window
  • /tgru: Opens TheGrimRepair Utilities window


  • Localization support exists and has been generated using online tools, accepting help improving translation accuracy



Please check for open issues before opening a new one, if you have a new issue, feel free to submit!

Feedback and Feature Requests

Please use discussions for any feedback or feature requests, try to avoid using GitHub Issues for this.


There are many great addons and macros that address some of the same problems that TheGrimRepair solves. I wanted to learn to make an addon and this felt like a project that would be a good first step into understanding what it takes.


These are some resources I found helpful along the way: