The Classic Race

14,771 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

Made specially for WoW Classic, this small little addon will keep track of the top 50 players on your realm in the race to lvl60!


demonstration of the addon


It will /who every 60 seconds to find the highest level players and notify you (in your chatframe) when players in top50 ding!

It also has a small UI frame you can keep open to see the #1, your own rank and the rest of the top50.


Just in case somebody dings within the 60 seconds time interval or for when you've been offline for a while,

it also uses hidden addon chat messages to receive updates from your guildies and if you are in the "world" channel it can also receive updates through that channel.



You can toggle the leaderboard window by either clicking the minimap icon or using /tcr


It's highly recommended you join the "world" chat channel, that way the addon can sync with other players when you've been offline for a while!


Addon Status

Still working on the addon, but it's fully functional!

Have only been able to test it a bit on classic, but everyone's already lvl40 so there's not much to test ...



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