Target Health

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Target Health

Lightweight addon for wow Classic and Burning Crusade that shows exact health and mana of your target using the default Blizzard UI target frame

Configure the health & mana values using Interface Options > Game (tab) > Display > Status Text

ForcePercentage In Burning Crusade, when the actual health values of a target are unknown the default Blizzard UI will force a percentage to be shown regardless of your configured Numeric or Both. By default this addon will suppress this feature. If you wish to use the Blizzard UI style you can ENABLE forcePercentages by running the command /targethealth enableForcePercentages


  • Show target health on TargetFrame
  • Show target mana/energy/rage on TargetFrame
  • Commands
    • /targethealth enableForcePercentages - Force percentages to show when actual values are not available
    • /targethealth disableForcePercentages - Do not force percentages to show when actual values are not available (DISABLED by default)


  • Actual health values are not available for players that are not part of your party/raid. Their health values will show as percentages (100% or X/100)

Known Issues

No known issues

Future improvements

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