456,027 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1  

TargetCharms allows you to place a floating frame for easy and quick
access to assigning charms/raid icons to targets.  The series of buttons are
highly customizable.  The user can display charms/raid icons in whatever
arrangement and order you desire, as well as change the frame's opacity,
location, and size. A movable "Ready Check" button and world markers/flare menu
makes it great for raid leaders!

To move icons or "Ready Check" button, right-click and drag them.  They must be set
to draggable in the setup menu to allow this.  You can ctrl+right-click the frames
to bring up the setup menu. To move the world markers you will need to use the small
drag button.

Added new flares and drag button.
Added profiles and addon interface panel.
Removed dropdowns to avoid taint.

Added world markers/flares
Removed outdated cmdlines

Ctrl+Right click brings up setup
Added Toggle Icon option
Removed drag box - Just right drag icons now
Brought code up to spec

Fixed dropdown width args

Added Ready Button
Added Ready Button Options


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