Tanaan Group Finder

8,039 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 21, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.2

Very simple addon that if running on a users client will automatically create a group finder group labeled with the name of the rare that just spawned. No UI involved, it just runs in the background and will only do anything when one of the rares emote is announced.

The commands are:

/tgf - shows available commands.

/tgf enable - enables addon

/tgf disable - disables addon

/tgf killed - starts a raid only if the player doesnt have a lockout for the boss loot

/tgf distance - starts a raid only if the player is within a reasonable distance from the boss that just spawned.

/tgf assist - grant raid assist to all.

If you have any questions or comments, add me on btag: Degan#1919


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