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Warlords of Draenor finally introduced a new talent macro conditional!

/cast [talent:4/1] Storm Bolt; [talent:4/2] Shockwave; [talent:4/3] Dragon Roar

/cast [spec:1,talent:5/1] Nether Tempest; [spec:2,talent:5/1] Living Bomb;
      [talent:5/2] Unstable Magic; [spec:1,talent:5/3] Supernova;
      [spec:2,talent:5/3] Blast Wave;

This should be enough for most people, however, as you can see with mages, it can get ugly when factoring in spec specific talents. Imagine if you also want to use a different buff with each talent based on spec, ew.

TalentMacros keeps it simple!

Use /talentmacros to open the config and create the auto-updating general macros (t1-7 and tpvp1-3) or to customize the macro used for each talent (can be anything, ie, some other spell/item/whatever for passives).

The default macro for every talent is simply:

/cast talent name

Also supports PvP talents! If you're missing the pvp macros, just hit the "Create Macros" button in the config.


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