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TalentChecker is a World of Warcraft addon designed to help players ensure they are in the correct talent spec for dungeons or raids. It notifies players if their current talent loadout does not match the preferred setup for the content they are about to enter and can automatically switch to the appropriate talent configuration if enabled.


  • Notification System: Alerts you if your current talent spec is not optimal for the dungeon or raid you're entering.
  • Automatic Talent Switching: Optionally, TalentChecker can automatically switch your talents to a predefined configuration suitable for the content.
  • Customizable: Set and save preferred talent configurations for dungeons and raids directly in-game.
  • Simple Commands: Easy-to-use slash commands for quick setup and adjustments.


  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the ZIP file into your World of Warcraft retail/Interface/AddOns directory.
  3. Restart World of Warcraft or reload your UI with the /reload command in-game.


After installing TalentChecker, use the following slash commands in-game to configure and use the addon:

/talentchecker set dungeon Saves your current talent setup as the preferred configuration for dungeons.

/talentchecker set raid Saves your current talent setup as the preferred configuration for raids.

/talentchecker set autoload Toggles automatic switching of talent configurations when entering dungeons or raids.

/talentchecker check Manually checks if your current talent setup matches the preferred configuration for the content you're in.

/talentchecker show Displays the current settings, including the saved talent configuration IDs and whether autoload is enabled.


If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to reach out or create an issue on the CurseForge project page.


TalentChecker is developed by Labba. Special thanks to the World of Warcraft addon development community for their support and resources.