TacoTip Continued (GearScore)


TacoTip: Better player tooltips

Updated for Cataclysm by zik0666 on GitHub.
Modified by Heaviside:

  • Gearscore support modified to support Cataclysm item levels
  • Disable In Combat is now enabled by default, and now fully disables all addon code during combat.
  • Show Gear Score option added to bottom right of options.  Uncheck to hide gearscore and only show average item level.
  • If you still have your TacoTip config file from before, you will need to go into /tacotip settings to enable Show Gear Score at bottom right, and Disable In Combat.

All features are configurable - you decide what you want to see or not to see.

Addon has been developed with efficiency and speed as a priority - no FPS hit, slowdowns or LUA errors.

- Features -


  • Player Class Colors
  • Player Titles
  • Player Guild Name & Rank
  • Player Talents (show Active Spec & Dual-Spec option for WOTLK)
  • Player GearScore
  • Player Average Item Level
  • Unit Target
  • Item GearScore
  • Item Level
  • Custom Tooltip Position

Character Frame

  • GearScore
  • Average Item Level

Any input / feedback is welcome !

Options Menu
Access from Interface->Addons->TacoTip or chat command /tacotip