TacoTip Cataclysm


TacoTip: Gearscore tooltips - for Cataclysm Classic

Compatible with Cataclysm Classic

All features are configurable - you decide what you want to see or not to see.

Addon has been developed with efficiency and speed as a priority - no FPS hit, slowdowns or LUA errors.

- Features -


  • Player Class Colors
  • Player Titles
  • Player Guild Name & Rank
  • Player Talents (show Active Spec & Dual-Spec option for WOTLK)
  • Player GearScore
  • Player Average Item Level
  • Unit Target
  • Item GearScore
  • Item Level

Character Frame

  • GearScore
  • Average Item Level

Any input / feedback is welcome !

Options Menu
Access from Interface->Addons->TacoTip or chat command /tacotip TacoTip

For addon developers
LibClassicInspector is now publicly released. Check out the API here

If you get "Addon out of date" error
Press ESC for Menu -> Addons -> Check: [X] Load out of date AddOns


Developed by anzz1

Adapted for cata by Zik


🇩🇪 deDE: @shakimas (Shaktor, LakeshireEU) , @Nils89
🇪🇸 esES: @Yorkylizado
🇲🇽 esMX:
🇫🇷 frFR:
🇮🇹 itIT:
🇰🇷 koKR: @wagerssi (와우하는아저씨)
🇧🇷 ptBR:
🇷🇺 ruRU: @Iowerth
🇨🇳 zhCN: @yisisixu (云是红河岸 五区 碧空之歌)
🇹🇼 zhTW:

@Kisanen - help during development and testing
@nullKomplex - submitted a bugfix
@ForestJ316 - submitted a bugfix
@Oshiri - help during development and testing