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This addon allows you to switch between different talent profiles, and configure these profiles to prompt you when you enter an instance and more!



  • Create multiple talents profiles and store them
  • Switch between talents profiles easily with a click in the talen UI
  • Automatically change gear sets with talents sets
  • Change active soulbinds when changing talents
  • Auto-prompt to change talents in instances and bosses on the fly including based on mythic+ affixes
  • Slash commands to change talents (for macro lovers <3)
  • Export and Import talents, now it is easier to give you friends you talent builds!
  • Titan panel support
  • When switching talents and you are not in a rest zone, if tomes are available, a prompt may ask you to automatically use the tome to change talents.



  • /ss help - Shows all commands in game.
  • /ss load <profileName> - Load the given profile name in the same manner as if you use the drop-down menu from the talents frame.
  • /ss config - Shows the config frame.
  • /ss resetFrame suggestion - Resets the suggestion frame location.


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