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What is Switchboard?

Switchboard adds various sounds to the game that are triggered based on certain events. Most of these sounds were custom created to fit the game.


Do I have to hear all of them?

Nope. Switchboard allows you to configure which sounds you want to hear.


Can I use my own sounds?

Yep! You can even use existing WoW sounds if you know the names.


Why aren't any sounds included?

To reduce the filesize, sounds will no longer be included with Switchboard. You can download the default sounds here:



Which events does Switchboard support?

Currently, the following events are supported, but new events will be added as often as possible.


Killing spree (1-11+)
Receive a whisper/tell
Perform a melee crit
Perform a spell crit

Perform a ranged crit
Perform a heal crit
Receive a heal
Receive experience
Receive honor
Skill-up in a skill or profession
Sell something in the auction house
Begin camping
Enter combat
Leave combat
Have 25% or lower health while in combat
Win a battle while health is 25% or lower
Use a mount
Use a flight path
Login or Reload UI
Friend Logs On
Friend Logs Off
Receive an Item
Loot an Item
Learn a Recipe

Took environment/fall damage

Open the pet stable

Close the pet stable

Accept a quest

Complete a quest


How do I change the sounds?

You can change any sound from the Switchboard UI. To open the UI, you can use /switchboard, /switchb or /sbd. To use your own OGG/MP3 sounds, you'll need to put them inside the Switchboard\Sound folder.