Sushi Sort

60,156 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3

Keep it simple.

There are other addons around that will sort the stuff in your bags but to use them you need to learn slash commands and to keep from sorting all the stuff in your bags you have to spend a lot of time configuring them. This addon is all about simplicity. All your bags and your bank bags have a checkbox. if the bag is checked then it will be sorted. if it is unchecked then it won't. That easy! To sort your bags, there is a button on your backpack. To sort your bank and bank bags there is a button on your bank tab. To sort your guild bank there is a button on each tab. No complicated slash commands just a button.

There is a configuration tab on the Blizzard Interface Addons menu to enable and disable this addon.

The following slash commands are available.

/ssopen configuration tab
/ss bagssort bags
/ss banksort currently open bank
/ss gbanksort currently open guild bank tab

you can also use /sushisort instead of /ss for any of the commands above.

Sushi Sort was designed and built by the guildies of <Sushi Regular> on US-Draka. Check out our website at


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