Sushi Sort


Keep it simple.


There are other addons around that will sort the stuff in your bags but to use them you need to learn slash commands and to keep from sorting all the stuff in your bags you have to spend a lot of time configuring them. This addon is all about simplicity....

That's how the description started back in 2010 when I first produced this addon. I left Wow in 2013 and through the kind contributions of others was able to maintain the addon until 2016. Thanks to Covid-19, I returned to WoW, looking for something to do while flattening the curve at home. Upon returning I see that Blizzard has basically stolen the user experience of my addon (I consider this a huge complement)

Both my addon and the new Ux provide the following:

  • Ability to ignore bags in the sort algorithm (mine used a checkbox, Blizzard choose a context menu option)
  • A simple button press to sort (mine used a button labeled "Sort", Blizzard created a button with the image of a hand broom)
  • One sort algorithm (both different, most notably, Blizzard put all the empty spaces between the Common and Junk items)

The only feature Blizzard did not replicate was the ability to sort guild bank tabs. So in the spirit of keeping it simple, I removed support for bags and bank since you can just use the builtin buttons and reverse engineered Blizzard's sorting algorithm (as best I could) and updated the button on the guild bank tab to use Blizzard's artwork! So now you can use the default sorting provided by Blizzard for you bags and bank and this addon will let you sort your guild bank the same way! This makes the addon simpler, smaller, and much easier to maintain.


Special Thanks to code contributions from @Expelliarm5s and @Gerokusu