Replaces the tooltips for the primary stats, armor and attack power.

Shows what each stat does for each class in detail while also simplifying the descriptions.

For example - for warriors:

  • Strength: Increases melee attack power by 2. Increases damage blocked with a shield by 1 per 20 Strength.
  • Spirit: Increases health regeneration by 80% of Spirit per 2 sec when not in combat.


Also shows how much armor is needed to decrease incoming physical damage by 1% multiplicative.

Attack power tooltip now also tells you how much attack power is needed for an additional DPS.



Possibly more to come in the future. Right now dodge and crit for agility and intellect are not calculated because I could not find any data for it besides lvl 60.


Works with every addon that still uses the original tooltips, should not break any addon. This addon does not change the UI in any way except for the tooltips.