Stat Weight Score

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Stat Weight Score

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Calculates a score of an item based on stat weights and the item's stats. This addon aims to help you in decisions regarding gearing, by displaying a weighted score for each item in the tooltip. This is particularly useful for situations when an item drops from a boss, and you immediately want to know how much of an upgrade it is (if at all), or if you should use your bonus roll on a particular boss. You can also browse the dungeon journal beforehand to find out if anything can drop for you and from which boss. Just input stat weights for you character into the addon settings (or use one of included import options) and you will be able to tell how any item compares to what you have equipped.

The stat weight are configurable through standard addon settings UI, also accessible with /sws config or /sws weights.

Only stats from latest expansion and max level items are supported.

Supported cultures:

  • enUS
  • frFR
  • koKR


  • Customizable stat weights
  • Multiple specializations
  • Dual wield support (enabled by specifying the Offhand DPS stat)
  • Empty gem sockets are calculated in using best gemmable stat (gem value is configurable, gem stat can be overriden)
  • Trinket procs/uses are very roughly calculated (values are parsed from the actual tooltip text, so this only works for supported cultures). For more precise calculations please make use of a tool like SimulationCraft. NOTE: This is usually not the case anymore in legion.
  • Import from SimulationCraft results (documentation)
  • Upgrade scores for upgradable items