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Save yourself the trouble of remembering which hunter pets are what spec and have what abilities. StableHand adds that information to tooltips for your:

  • Call Pet spells.
  • At the Stablemaster
  • When you see wild animals that are from a tameable family.
  • When you see another hunter's pet. You don't even have to be a hunter. Now you don't have to wonder what's dispelling your buffs.

StableHand is a revision of StableHelper 2.2. It's updated to BfA, with all the new changes to pet specs (which sadly meant removing pet respec information). There is also a secondary functionality, disabled by default.  Most pets have a base autoattack speed of 2, adjusted by the hunter's haste. But some pets have a much lower or much higher autoattack speed. This is mostly psychological ("haha, my pet's critting big with white damage!" or "oh ****! this spider won't stop attacking me make it stop make it stop") But your pet can have their autoattack capped at 0.25, meaning you'd lose autoattack damage if it were faster than that.

To enable/disable the attack speed line in the tooltip, type:




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