Simple Taunt Announce

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Simple Taunt Announce

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Simple Taunt Announce (STA) is a World of Warcraft addon that aims to be a relatively simple and efficient, yet flexible taunt announcer. The main use of such an addon is to help coordinate taunt swapping in raids (though it also works well for blaming the pug DK dps who thinks Death Grip is part of his rotation).

STA will announce failed taunts (targets who are immune), and for multi-target taunts it will announce one target only (the first one to appear in the combat log).

If you need more flexibility there are other options, like for instance Raeli's Spell Announcer which can announce all kinds of things.


STA stores settings for how to announce taunts based on your grouping status. So you can have separate settings for when you are solo, in an instance group, party, or raid.

For each of these four statuses, STA can announce your own taunts, and those of other people/pets in your party/raid.

Announcing is based on modes, which decide what channel the announcement goes to. They can be: off, self, say, instance, party, and raid.

The default settings are:

status       own    other
solo        self      N/A
instance    self     self
party       self     self
raid         say     self

So, when you are playing solo, you will get your own taunts announced to yourself, and not see others. When in an instance group or party, your own taunts and other peoples taunts will be announced to yourself. When in a raid, your own taunts will be announced in say, and you will see other peoples taunts announced to yourself.

Own covers taunts made by you or your pet, other covers taunts made by any player or pet in your party/raid.

Instance groups are groups/raids created by the instance finder (LFD/LFR/etc.) Announcing is turned off in battlegrounds and arenas.

STA can optionally play a sound when announcing. In the configuration panel you can select one of the default sounds, or you can add your own custom sound files to Interface/AddOns/SimpleTauntAnnounce with one of these names: sound1.mp3, sound2.mp3, sound1.ogg, sound2.ogg.

Slash Commands

You can enable and disable announcing with

/sta on
/sta off

You can use

/sta <status>

to see what the modes are for that status. And

/sta <status> [own [other]]

to set the mode for own and other taunts respectively.

For switching modes in macros, a special compact syntax is supported; an exclamation mark followed by eight characters, two (own and other) for each of the four statuses. Each character can be: o = off, m = self, s = say, i = instance, p = party, r = raid. If a character is not one of these, the corresponding mode is not changed.

Here are a few examples:

/sta party         - print current party modes
/sta solo self     - when solo, own taunts to yourself
/sta raid say self - when raid, own to say, others to self
/sta !mommmmsm     - set default modes


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