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SRZ_IgnoreU 1.0 OK everyone here is my first addon. I hope someone finds it useful. If there are any bugs. Please let me know I'd like to fix them asap. Have you ever grouped with an A-Hole? Have you ever be so upset with a specific player you just wanted to quit playing? Have you tried to ignore them but right when your about to they disconnect, log off, quit group, etc. Now what? Well just add them to your ignore list. Well, What was their name? How do you spell it? What Special Characters are those? I don't have enough fingers to press that key combination!

No worries! with this Add on you can just get everyone in your party and wait til that A-Hole rears their ugly side. No need to worry about anything your list is ready to add them to your ignore list. just click "Ignore" and that it. Feel bad about your decision? Just click undo no harm no foul. I created this app for a buddy that just hated life sometimes when we ran an instance. Trust me I'm saving real lives with this. Anyways. IgnoreU Instructions: Pretty simple

  1. Be in a party!
  2. Press the "Open" button to see its awesomeness!
  3. Press the "Get Party" button to collect All party member names and weird characters.
  4. Wait, Until a Potential Suspect Shows Up.
  5. (Optional) You could hear them out.
  6. Don't like what they said! Press the "Ignore" Button That's it! never hear from them again or group with them. (Optional) If you have a change of heart press the "Undo" button that will removed them from being ignored. If you happen to group with someone already on your ignore list, for whatever reason! they will automatically show up in Red with the "Undo" button ready.


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