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One-click smart mounting.

How to use it ?

Either open the option panel from the Blizzard addon options (or with /squire3) and drag the macro into action bar, either assign some keybinding to the Squire3 action. Then select your favorite mounts in the Mount Journal.

From now on, Squire3 will choose a random mount each time you use it.

Squire3 also handles class and race specific spells (travel form, aspect of the cheetah, ...).


From the configuration panel, you can also:

  • select which specific spells should be used,
  • select which spells and stats Squire3 should cancel on use,
  • define a modifier to bypass the safety conidtions.
  • define a modifier to enforce using a ground mount in area where flying is allowed.


Squire3 is hosted on github. Issue can be filled there:

When submitting an issue, please provide the answers to the following questions:

  • What happens when using the spell or mount without Squire3 ?
  • Did your character have any spell, glyph or talent that might affect the spell or mount ?
  • Was the mount dimmed or in red in the Mount Journal ?
  • Was your character in combat ?
  • Where was your character (world, instance, other, which) ?


Squire3 is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.