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Nov 28, 2011

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SpellRedux lets you track your debuffs, buffs and DOTs by placing them in a separate movable frame. It is basically a smarter alternative to the default blizzard buff/debuff management, where you can filter and group abilities that are important you.

For DOT-based classes (warlocks, priests), the defining feature of this addon is that it calculates the perfect window of opportunity when you need to re-apply the dot. It takes haste, reaction time, network lag, spell cast time, etc to come up with this time and lets you know. In tests, re-applying the DOT at the right time can significantly increase your overall DPS.

The addon is a work in progress so feel free to donate to encourage new feature development.


  • Monitors player (self) buffs and target debuffs (applied by player).
  • It calculates a window of opportunity when it is best to re-cast the damage-over-time effect so that you do not lose any DPS.
  • Comes with a manager which lets you customize what buffs/debuffs you want to display in your panels. (/spred config)
  • Automatically switches tracked DOTs when you switch spec (especially useful for warlocks)
  • Displays buff/debuffs in a "smart" color-theme (see pictures).
  • Makes abilities on the action bar glow when they need to be cast.
  • Small memory footprint


To add or remove buffs/debuffs, go to Interface Options -> AddOns -> SpellRedux or type /spred config.

For more advanced options, such as resetting to default settings or moving the frames, please use /spred

Sample Configuration - Affliction Lock

We'll add all the dots and debuffs one might want to track as well as the Dark Soul buff.

  • Go to Interface AddOns -> SpellRedux (Hit the +) -> Target Debuffs or type /spred config
  • Without exiting the screen, select a dummy target and cast Unstable Affliction.
  • Select the spell from the Active Spell drop down
  • Hit Save

You now have your first spell set up! Let's go ahead and set up the rest. Repeat the same steps for Agony and Corruption.

Configuration for Unstable Affliction

Setup Haunt:

  • Type 'Haunt' in the Spell Name or without exiting the screen, select a dummy target and cast Haunt.
  • Select Haunt spell from the Active Spell drop down if you chose to cast.
  • Set Spell Type to debuff
  • Set Applied By to Haunt
  • Check 'Spell is a Projectile'
  • Hit Save

Let's do the buffs now. We want to know when Dark Soul: Misery is on and when it drops off to maximize dps during that time.

  • Go to Interface AddOns -> SpellRedux (Hit the +) -> Player Buffs or type /spred config
  • Without exiting the screen, cast Dark Soul: Misery
  • Select it from the Active Spell drop-down
  • Select 'Disable Ability Glow' to prevent it from glowing every time you enter combat (or not, this is your setting after all!)
  • Hit Save

You can use this same method to set up trinket effects too. Just use your trinket and the buff should show up under the Active Spells drop-down. Knowing when a trinket or enchantment has been triggered is important so you can maximize DPS at that point.

Finally, adjust the locations of the bars.

  • Exit all settings screens (make sure you've saved your settings)
  • Type /spred unlock in console
  • Move the bars to the locations you want them to be
  • Type /spred lock to finalize and save the positioning.

The end result:

Sample Affliction Setup Complete

You'll also notice that when our dots are missing, the abilities are glowing indicating you should recast them.

Spells that need to be recast are glowing

Future Development

  • Add localization
  • Add support for HOTs
  • Add support to monitor all debuffs and buffs (player and target)


Bug reports, suggestions for new features and improvements. Create a ticket on wow.curseforge.com


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