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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.0


Apr 6, 2010

Owner: BigRedBrent



This is the official template module for SpellFlash.

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To add code for another class yourself, you may use this addon as a starting template, and may look at the other addons I have made for the existing class functionality as a reference.

The new SpellFlash Cataclysm API list may be found here.

Getting Started:

If you want to secure the name of your new addon module, you will want to create the addon at CurseForge.com under the desired name.

The addon's main folder name and toc file name must be exactly the same as the CurseForge.com identifier Slug: that is chosen (except for upper and lower case differences). This is to prevent the creation of duplicate addons with the same addon folder name.

Example: The CurseForge.com identifier Slug: of this addon is: spellflash_templateaddon
The main folder and toc file of this addon have been named: SpellFlash_TemplateAddon

The Title: of the addon listed inside the toc file and the Addon name: on CurseForge.com may be formatted however you like, but I suggest that they begin with SpellFlash: to make addon searching simpler.

Example: The Title: of this addon inside the toc file and the Addon name: on CurseForge.com is: SpellFlash: Template Module

Making Your Own Module:

First make sure you have the latest version of this Template Module. I prefer to use the program Notepad++ to edit the files with.

  • To begin editing you may start by changing the SpellFlash_TemplateAddon folder name to something like: SpellFlash_MyAddon Then inside that folder change the SpellFlash_TemplateAddon.toc file name to something like: SpellFlash_MyAddon.toc
  • Now inside that same toc file: You will want to edit the Version: number to something like: 1.0 (or whatever version number you want to designate your new module as). And change the Title:, Author: and URL: to reflect your new module. Then change X-SpellFlashAddon-LoadWith: to show the correct class or race that this module is for (without this the module will not load when you enter the game).
  • For every spell that will be used with your module, you must add a table for it in the Spells.lua file.
  • The scripts used to flash the spells are to be placed in the Rotations.lua file.
  • Special options and configurations may be enabled in the Configs.lua file.
  • Any other customizations may be added to the Custom.lua file.
  • Any localizations added to your module (using the L["example"] localization table) will require any translations for them to be added to their designated language section in the Localization.lua file.
  • The Core.lua file should not be edited, but should be replaced by a newer version of the same file if available.
  • You should replace the notes in the Version_History.txt file to reflect your own version notes, and you may want to edit the HELP.txt file to your liking.

If you have even five or ten dollars to spare, it would mean an awful lot to me and my daughter.
Use this button to send donations of $12 or more: http://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donate_SM.gif
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Or use this address if you have Bitcoins: 1PzPJA5uiUKauuFfe1VJhkPWuHEvMDvvDn

Donations are not required to download and use this addon, but they are very much appreciated.

  • Please create a ticket for bugs and suggestions here.

Please click on the "Like" buttons at the top right of this page. Also click here for the Facebook page.


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