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Spell Activation Overlay

This WoW Classic addon mimics Spell Activation Overlays, formerly known as Spell Alerts, which were introduced in Cataclysm.

For example, Frost Death Knights can have procs for Rime and Killing Machine, while Enhancement Shamans have stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

This addon also makes relevant buttons glow. For example, a Fire mage triggering Hot Streak will have a glowing Pyroblast button.

There is nothing to configure. Just install the addon and enjoy your procs!


Death Knight: Killing Machine, Rime, Rune Strike (glowing button only)

Killing Machine + Rime


Druid: Omen of Clarity, Omen of Clarity (Feral), Predatory Strikes, Eclipse (Lunar), Eclipse (Solar), Nature's Grace (optional)

Omen of Clarity   Omen of Clarity (Feral)   Predatory Strikes   Eclipse (Lunar) and Omen of Clarity   Eclipse (Solar) and Omen of Clarity   Nature's Grace (Blue-ish)   Nature's Grace (Green-ish)


Hunter: Improved Steady Shot, Lock and Load, Counterattack (glowing button only), Kill Shot (glowing button only)

Improved Steady Shot   Lock and Load


Mage: Missile Barrage, Brain Freeze, Fingers of Frost, Impact, Firestarter, Hot Streak, Heating Up, Clearcasting (optional)

Missile Barrage   Brain Freeze   Fingers of Frost   Impact   Firestarter   Heating Up + Hot Streak   Clearcasting (weak effect)   Clearcasting (strong effect)   Clearcasting (strong effect alongside Hot Streak)


Paladin: Art of War, Infusion of Light, Hammer of Wrath (glowing button only)

Art of War   Infusion of Light


Priest: Surge of Light, Serendipity

Surge of Light + Serendipity


Rogue: Riposte



Shaman: Maelstrom Weapon, Elemental Focus, Tidal Waves (optional)

Maelstrom Weapon   Elemental Focus   Tidal Waves


Warlock: Backlash, Empowered Imp, Nightfall, Molten Core, Decimation

Backlash   Empowered Imp   Nightfall   Molten Core   Decimation


Warrior: Bloodsurge, Sudden Death, Sword and Board, Overpower (glowing button only), Revenge (glowing button only), Execute (glowing button only), Victory Rush (glowing button only)

Bloodsurge   Sudden Death   Sword and Board



If you wish to contribute, please come by and visit the Discord server.

You can also file an Issue or send a Pull Request to the github repository.


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