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This is for quickly addressing in game mail to predefined friends or alts (or whatever).
Character names can't have numbers in them. This addon uses this fact to provide a useful function. SpeedDial will auto-replace numbers typed into the in game mail to: line with previously set up character names.

/speeddial 1 Mother
places "Mother" on speed dial 1. If you type "1" into the to: line of mail it will be auto-replaced with "Mother". You can then proceed to mail "Mother".

/speeddial print
prints out the saved speed dial table

/speeddial remove 1
removes speed dial 1

You can have any number of speed dials you want but 1 will happen before you can type 10 so either start at 10 or use 1,2,3,40,41,42 etc.

To make it easier to set up and remember the speed dial table is saved per server. All of your characters on a server will have the same speed dials.


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