SpeakinSpell: Reforged

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1. About SpeakinSpell: Reforged


Funny and/or Useful, SpeakinSpell: Reforged will use random speeches in chat to announce when you use spells and other abilities, as well as items, procc-ed effects, other events, and user-defined macros.

Works with all classes. Configurable for many different situations.

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Please submit any feature requests and bug reports here:

Brought to you by Hekita of Dawnbringer and Stonarius of Antonidas... plus many other important people.

I stood on the shoulders of the Giants in the Playground - please read the credits!


Note: Due to WoW Patch 8.2.5, the Say and Yell channels are protected and can only be used in instances. SpeakinSpell: Reforged will automatically print out the message to the text box if one of these channels are used and you are not in an instance.


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