SoulSort - Easy Soul Shard Management

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Now updated for Season of Mastery!

Unfortunately with TBC, Blizzard has decided to remove the ability for addons to automatically delete items. This means that auto-sorting after combat is no longer supported in the TBC version. You can still use "/ss sort". I recommend putting it in a macro, or add it to your Life Tap and Mount macros.


SoulSort is a lightweight Soul Shard management addon that helps you keep your Soul Shards organized in your bags. The addon sorts all Soul Shards to be at the end of your bags (as far left as possible).

Automatic sorting
Max Soul Shard count
Soul Shard counter on bag bar

/ss options - Open the options menu
/ss sort - Sorts your Soul Shards to the back of your inventory.
/ss max [number] - Set the max number of Soul Shards to keep.
/ss autosort [on/off] - Toggle automatic sorting when you leave combat. CLASSIC ONLY
/ss automax [on/off] - Toggle automatic max Soul Shards. This will fill your Soul Bag(s) or your last bag.
/ss reverse [on/off] - Toggles sorting Soul Shards to fill the end of your bags first.
/ss counter [on/off] - Toggles the Soul Shard counter on your bag bar.
/ss combatwarning [on/off] - Toggles showing a warning when you try to sort shards in combat.
/ss showinfo [on/off] - Toggles showing information about your Soul Shards in chat when sorting.

Current Limitations:
If you use a Soul Bag, it needs to be in the far left bag slot.

TBC version does not support auto-sorting after combat.


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