Soulshape Journal

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  • Displays all known soulshapes currently available for players in 9.2 with their 3D model.
  • Automatically tracks almost every collected soulshape on any character (others can be tracked manually).
  • Soulshapes tied to a spectific location (rare mob, vendor, rare spawn...) can be shown on a map.
  • Detailed information on where and how to find every soulshape, when available (some 9.2 shapes are still in the works)

Issues, translation and support

Please go to the Soulshape Journal Github repository for reporting issues, providing feedback or contributing a translation.

Thanks and acknowledgements

This addon couldn't have been made without the help of the following people:

  • Marlamin for helping me identifying all the soulshape 3D models with Wow Tools.
  • jaliborc for the SecureTabs lib that saved me a lot of time plugging the UI into the Collections Journal.
  • RenataKane for the Wowhead Soulshape Guide that was the starting point for the information included in this addon.
  • The people of WowAce and Ace3 for the great scaffolding code.
  • foxlit for the Townlong Yak tools
  • PigeonD at the *WoW Secret Finding & Collections Discord for the Turkey Soul model info.