Soulbind Cache Opener

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Soulbind Cache Opener


This addon provides an easy way to open various rewards found in Shadowlands.

You will not longer need to search through your bags for Adventurer Caches, Callings rewards or rewards from your Soulbind.  


This addon will create a movable button that only appears when you have something to open. If you have multiple items to open, there will be a new button for each type.



The button is movable by dragging with the Right Mouse Button.

Type /soulbindcacheopener reset OR /sco reset to reset the button position




Currently Supported Openables.

- Updated for 9.1. New caches from Korothia

- Soulbind rewards for Kyrian (Cleansing Rite Materials), Necrolord (Bonesmith's Satchel), Night Fae (Nature's Splendor) and Venthyr (Exquisite Ingredients)

- Rare and Epic rewards from Callings (all covenants)

- Paragon rewards from all Covenants

- Table Mission Adventurer's Caches (Mining, Tailoring, Enchanting, Herbalism, Skinning, Fish and Meat)

- Queen's Conservatory Satchels (all rarities)  

- Torghast Satchels

- Timewalking weekly cache

- Blingtron Gifts


If there are more openables that I have missed, let me know.  



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