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Translations needed.
Ace3 is required for this addon to function and installs when this addon installs.



/sm - brings up the interface options within the blizzard ui. These settings are saved and stored for later.

Everything is enabled by default with the exception of item IDs. You can enable or disable certain parts or the entire addon.



How does it work?

Mouse over an item or click a linked item and see the information in the tooltip.

Works for:

Items/Materials FOR professions.
Items/Materials FROM professions.
Classes that can use the reagent for buffs/poisons (non soulbound/conjured)
Item ID.



All constructive feedback is welcome. If you encounter an issue, have a suggestion or have any questions. Please feel free to post them. I will do my best to address/respond promptly. If you are certain an item has been categorized incorrectly, please provide that feedback and I will work on correcting that item.