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If you are anything like me, you'll probably have a ton of quest lurking in your quest log. Also, your quest tracker is filled with quests, which you are not even remotely working on right now. This plugin tries to solve this issue by only adding those quests to your tracker, which are near to your current location. Every other quest will be removed from the tracker.

How does it work

When you enter the world with your character (or reload your UI) all quest will be removed from the quest tracker. So you start with an empty quest tracker. The plugin then adds all quests, which are located at our current zone, to the quest tracker. Whenever you switch areas (the white text appears, telling you, where you are now), the list of tracked quests is updated. All quests, which had been added automatically and are not longer in your current zone, are removed once again from the tracker.

When you accept a new quest, it will be added to the quest tracker at first, so you can be sure, you have accepted the quest. Once you change your location for the first time after accepting the new quest, it will be treated like any other quest.


This add-on has no further dependencies.

If you're using ElvUI, you can also use this version here.


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