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This addon is a plugin for Titan Panel based on the addon by the same name authored by Suddendeath2000 that was dropped around 2010. With the release of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and the addition of numerous API changes over the past several years the original addon no longer works. With no foreseeable date to pick it back up I figured I would use Suddendeath2000's idea for a Titan-based button for mounts as I really missed the functionality. Thanks to Suddendeath2000 for his original work and idea.


This is a simple, lightweight addon which places a mount button in your desired position on your Titan Bar, consolidating your mounts in one place. No longer do you need to clutter action bar space with mounts!


  • Movable button which displays your current mount and icon on your Titan Panel bar
  • Includes a drop down list of your mounts, usable by the current character, organized by first letter. - no more looking through that massive Mount Journal!
  • Allows for up to 3 favorite mounts, per character. - For those like me who have lots of starred favorites in the Journal, but also like to have certain mounts for certain characters.
  • Includes a new and updated Favorite Panel UI to select your favorite mounts.
  • Allows mounting a dismounting with a simple double click of the Titan Mount button. Double left clicking while not mounted will summon the mount which you were last riding.
  • NEW - Simple key bind now allows for quick summoning/dismissing of the character's last used mount. No more clicking!
  • NEW - Allows for up to 2 account-wide favorite mounts. These mounts are shared across all characters on that account.

Future Additions:

  • Display options to hide button text, icon, or both in order save Titan Panel bar space.

Change Log:


-Corrected several XML issue due to the new WoW UI changes for the Dragonflight expansion.

Corrected dropdown and button display after the Titan Panel dropdownmenu library removal


Corrected small issues with displaying the Favorite Panel

Known Issues:

  • No known issues as off game version 10.0.0