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Skillet-Classic is a replacement for the default TradeSkill (and Crafting/Enchanting) UI.

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  • Larger than the standard tradeskill window.
  • Built-in queue for creating multiple, different items.
  • Queued items are saved when you log out and are restored on log in.
  • Automatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor.
  • If you can craft a reagent needed by a recipe, then clicking on that reagent will take you to its recipe (same features as Reverse Engineering).
  • If the item to be crafted requires a minimum level to use, that level can be displayed along with the recipe (disabled by default).
  • The shopping list of items needed for all queued recipes for all alts can be displayed at banks, auction houses, or from the command line.
  • Items needed for crafting queued items can be automatically retrieved from your bank (by using the shopping list).
  • User editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
  • Queued counts added to (optional) notes display.
  • Recipes can be filtered by name, whether or not you could level when creating the item, and whether or not you have the mats available.
  • Sorting of recipes (name, difficulty, level, and quality of crafted item).
  • Tracking of materials on alts (limited).
  • Plugin support for (limited) modification of the Skillet frame by other addons.
  • Custom grouping.
  • User managed Ignored Recipes List.
  • Complete or mostly complete localizations for deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, koKR, zhCN, zhTW.


  • TradeSkillMaster Skillet-Classic can be used with TSM for all professions except Enchanting
    • If the TSM Crafting UI is set to native ('TSM4') mode  
    • For Enchanting, use the TSM Crafting UI or disable TSM


  • What are the numbers in the middle and how to hide them?
    • Blue = How many you have.
    • Green = How many you can make from materials you have.
    • Yellow = How many you can make by crafting the reagents.
    • Orange = How many you can make if you purchase materials from a vendor.
    • Purple = How many you can make using materials on you and your alts.
      Right-click on the bag icon above the numbers to change which are displayed.
  • How to search in the item name only? - Start your search phrase with exclamation mark: !ink.
  • How to search in Auction House? - Alt+Click on shopping list.
  • How to retrieve items from bank? - Turn on "Display shopping list at banks".
  • How to turn off Skillet temporarily? - Shift+Click your profession button/link.


  • 1.19 (available on WoWInterface)
    • Fix SkilletQueue lua error
    • Update .toc for addon managers
  • 1.18
    • Add option to queue Enchant reagents
    • Change TradeSkillMaster global
    • Update TradeSkillMaster compatibility
  • 1.17
    • Add linking of reagents
  • 1.16
    • Add /skillet flushplayerdata command
  • 1.15
    • Fix various issues
    • Update Localization
  • 1.14
    • Fix various issues
    • Add options for profession buttons
    • Add AuctionLite plugin
  • 1.13
    • Fix Enchanting reagent mouseover (issue #143)
    • Fix Auctionator plugin (when there is no Auctionator addon)
  • 1.12
    • Update .toc
    • Update Auctionator plugin (common source with Skillet)
    • Add additional Tooltip scaling
  • 1.11
    • Fix normal bag detection
    • Add Auction House debugging
  • 1.10
    • Fix notes
  • 1.09
    • Fix Enchant button
    • Fix Trade Barker
  • 1.08
    • Update TOC
    • Add new plugins (AuctionDB, Auctioneer)
    • Add plugin identifier to plugin output
    • Fix required tools display (issue #132)
  • 1.07
    • Fix MissingTradeSkillsList button moving
    • Fix Auctionator buttons
    • Move all CastSpellByName calls into Skillet.lua
    • Fix Beast Training interference (issue #129)
  • 1.06
    • Fix issue #126, Filter dropdown not initialized
  • 1.05
    • Fix multiple issues
  • 1.04
    • Fix issue #116
    • Fix other minor bugs
  • 1.03
    • Add Auctionator button to Shopping List
    • Close Shopping List when Merchant window is closed
  • 1.02
    • Fix issues #111, #110, #109
  • 1.01
    • Fix to prevent queuing Enchanting items
    • Open Blizzard UI when in combat (Skillet-Classic would open with errors or fail to open)
  • 1.00
    • Initial Release


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