ElvUI SimpleRareElite

119,483 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 6, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Display textures for Boss/Elite/Rare/RareElite in ElvUI - Tukui and Shadow Unit Frames (Thanks to Eskiso) target frame.

There are four set of textures and can be changed in the Options GUI.

Options GUI

Set Textures

  • Blurry - SimpleRareElite uses Blurry textures
  • Classic - SimpleRareElite uses Classic textures (default)
  • Modern - SimpleRareElite uses Modern textures (original texture by GaMu-ChAn)
  • Tiny - SimpleRareElite uses Tiny textures (original texture by GaMu-ChAn)

Set Frame Level

  • Above - SimpleRareElite show textures above buffs and health text (default)
  • Below - SimpleRareElite show textures below buffs and health text

Slash Commands

  • /sre - shows the Options GUI


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