Last Updated: May 20, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5


Jun 18, 2018

Owner: GoldpawTheGreat

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This is a simple addon that shows your class resources in a combo point manner with a runic Diablo-like theme. It's movable, scalable and have several color choices.

Type /scp to open the options window!


  • Movable & scalable (New in 2.x)
  • Points not available or currently regenerated are semi-transparent
  • Everything is even more semi-transparent when not engaged in combat
  • Only visible when you have an attackable target selected (optional)

Supported class resources

  • Combo Points (Druids, Rogues, Vehicles)
  • Arcane Charges (Arcane Mages)
  • Holy Power (Retribution Paladins)
  • Soul Shards (Warlocks)
  • Chi (Windwalker Monk)
  • Stagger (Brewmaster Monk)
  • Runes (Death Knights)

Chat commands

  • /scp - Toggle the overlay for dragging and scaling! Drag with the mouse, change scale with the mousewheel.
  • /scp classcolor on - Enables class coloring of the resource points.
  • /scp classcolor off - Disables class coloring and reverts to power colors. (default)
  • /scp show always - Always show the frame. (default)
  • /scp show smart - Hides when you have no target set, or if your target is unattackable.
  • /scp help - Shows the above choices in-game.

Planned, but unreleased features

  • Multiple texture choices
  • Custom resource colors
  • Remember different setups based on enabled UI addons (like DiabolicUI, AzeriteUI etc)

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Official Supporters:

  • Adam Stribley, Amariah Crawford, Elexys, Mel Brannon, Jennifer Graff, Kjartan Kirchhof, Jan Terje Hellemsbakken

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