1,572 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 22, 2021 Game Version: 9.1.0  

Simple addon that displays the group's anima powers.

Useful for Tarragrue, Torghast, and Mythic+


/sap or /simpleanimapowers to open the window


Traditional Chinese translation for options

Open to adding other locales if there are people willing to translate.

Right now, it's only about 6 lines (you can find the strings in the /locale folder)


  • Add powers by Spell ID for tracking (e.g. 324528,243502,2352935)
  • Enable/Disable for Torghast
  • Enable/Disable for M+
  • Enable/Disable for Tarragrue


Upcoming Changes:

  • Pin spell IDs by instance type (since pinning Tarragrue powers doesn't make sense if you're in Torghast/M+)
  • Lockable frame
  • More UI improvements?





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