Simple Notepad (Notes)

42,033 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5

Simple NotePad.

Simple Notepad was designed so people could remember things, like what poisons to put on which dagger when on your rogue.

  • All notes (except Character) are saved globally so you can access them from any character on your Account.
  • Character Notes are saved per Character so you have character specific notes.
  • Drag and Drop Item Links with Tooltip. Drag Icon to Cursor, release Left Mouse Button, Item Link Created.
  • Simple Notepad has full LDB support, so will work on your Minimap, Norgannas SlideBar, Titan Panel, Bazzoka etc, you choose which to use.
  • To Open Simple Notepad type "/snp" in the chat box.

To use click on Tab of your choice, Click to Gain focus, Type, Click "Save", that simples. To Leave Window up and loose focus, hit ESC or click chat window and Hit Enter.


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