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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017 Game Version: 7.1.5


May 11, 2015

Owner: yemane

What does it do?

This addon makes it easier to make and edit your existing macros without having to input all of the macro's text. The addon also has some specific features such as a target changer that will change all the target conditionals in a group of macros at once.

The focus of this addon is to change the macro creation process. Currently, writing a simple macro for an ability may require googling information and fiddling with those search results for awhile to get it right. The addon's goal is to bring this information to the user, such as a static list of conditionals that can be checked off one by one to add to a single argument in a macro instead of typing them in. This click through method of macro creation will make the process simpler and at the same time less prone to error.

The macro focuses on many audiences allowing new users to get into macros while also streamlining the process for veterans as well. The target changer feature is specifically aimed at helping PVPers and any others that need to change multiple macros in different situations. For example, as a paladin I have many macros for team-based abilities that need to be changed every time I play with different players. With the addon I am able to change all my macros at once to use a certain name.


This addon is quite early in development so I apologize for any bugs you may encounter. Please leave a comment describing any bugs you encounter (copy pasting the Lua error is fine) and what you were doing when it happened. I'll try to get to it as soon as possible, thanks!

Slash Commands

  • /sm, /smacro, /simplemacro - Opens the main menu.
  • /sm s - Open settings menu in Interface -> Addons.
  • /sm rg - Resets saved group data.



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