Simple Bag Indicators

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Simple Bag Indicator



  • iLVL (For equipment 70 or above)
  • Stronger Rarity border
  • Membership of set (It will show a little set icon with white border so it stands out quite alot)
  • If equipment is BOE, it will say BOE


Screenshots say it all


If you are not using vanilla blizzard bags then please do not use this mod, it will not work with bagnon or litebag etc


This addon leverages the existing Blizzard bags and code instead of trying to overhaul the entire bag

This addon doesn't use any 3rd party libraries


Missing & Limitations

Reagent bags missing

Let me know if any bugs still pretty new to LUA and this nonsense

APparently ilvl below a certain level is represented a little bit dodgy in the UI so you'll see reporting the wrong values below level 60 or so